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2/16 Updates

Wedding 9/9/11
Wow, where to even begin?

At this time we have finally reached something resembling a resolution for immediate care. Our appreciation and thankfulness cannot be adequately expressed for everyone's donations.

Virginia Mason Medical Center has finished processing our application (after two months) for financial assistance and, even though we are out of state, has accepted Mike for medical assistance, namely the surgery. Granted, before we jump out of seats and shout (trust me, I did) this is just the beginning of the journey. We are in Beaverton, Oregon and they are in Seattle Washington. Travel and tons of other expenses are going to crop up. So do not worry, any hard-earned money sent our way is still very much going to go towards saving Mike's life and his continued health. After the surgery, there are still lots of follow-up appointments and various testing to make sure he's still okay.

One hurdle jumped and feeling primed and ready for a hundred more! The emails containing your kindness, support and sharing of your stories are simply worth their weight in gold. Not to mention, the ability to keep a roof over this guy's head is simply priceless.

We have removed the PayPal button for now because as far as I (the wife) can tell, what we have raised so far should be enough to get us beyond the other 99 hurdles ahead of us. If more chemotherapy or surgery is needed, I'm sure we can come back and re-assess the situation, but everyone's overwhelming generosity has simply been flooring, and we thank you all for that.


Mike & Laura


  1. That is really good to hear! You are both in our thoughts and prayers.