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2/24 Updates

On the 21st Mike and I went to Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) in downtown Seattle for a full day of appointments. Mike got poked a lot and we got to meet all of the amazing people who are going to be working with him. It was also very cool to meet Sam, the Testicular Cancer RN Specialist that put a lot of this into motion for us.

They will perform the surgery and keep an eye on him for the next six months. We're still waiting for scheduling of the next appointments.

The stuff up in the air right now is what kind of surgery we want to go for.
The options are:
  1. Go in for the easy-to-get-at tumor (also shorter recovery) and run a biopsy. If it has Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors (PNET) go in and get anything else.
    If we do go in for everything else, there will be a much longer recovery, but VMMC will cover it.
  2. The doctors decide to go in for all of the tumors anyway because PNET was in the original tumor that was removed before chemotherapy.
  3. The doctors decide on something not mentioned here.
Either way, we are waiting to hear back. We will hear back from the doctors in about a week and the surgery should be shortly after that. We will definitely keep you all posted!

Thanks for all your love and awesomeness!

Mr. & Mrs. T


  1. Thank you so much for the update, Mike & Laura. I've been following your journey very closely this past month. I'm going to share this with my network of friends & supporters, if that's OK?

    Keep up the amazing spirit. Its very inspiring to anyone dealing with adversity.

    1. Yes. Please do keep getting the message out there.
      Step One: Fix Mike.
      Step Two: Fix the system.

  2. This is fantastic news. Finally getting the help you need from a broken system and broken country who wanted to turn it's back on you.