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4/26 Updates!

I think I'm out of bunny rabbits for hat tricks... Do you have any?

Mike is doing pretty well considering he's been through 3 major surgeries in the last 2 1/2 months. This last abdominal surgery was quite the doosy. He's got an incision going from the tip of his sternum going all the way down to the bottom of his tummy. It "v"s around his belly button, with dozens of perfect little stitches holding both sides together. Talk about battle scars. Also, while they were rooting around behind his tummy, they decided to fix that pesky hernia! Thank You Virginia Mason!

He goes in for follow up appointments early to mid May. Mostly to remove stitches, and take lots of pictures. But so far as it stands...

2nd Surgery, Jello tongue
MIKE IS NOW IN REMISSION! (insert lots of happy dancing here)

But now its time for that final hat trick. From the very start there was absolutely astonishing generosity, and that got us pretty darned far, Thank You.

I plan on going back to work as soon as humanly possible, but its hard to do that from a different state. Its going to be a couple more months before that's possible for Mike. My unemployment has run out (it hasn't expired or anything, they're simply out of money to give us) and its going to be a good month or two before I make enough money from whatever job I get to pay any of the bills. So far we've got a pretty mixed bag. Mike is healthy, but our bank accounts have little cobwebs in them, and its a very odd place to be. (Healthy or financially stable, we can seem to bridge both yet.)

We are always re-checking any resources. Calling all those foundations and associations we have contacted, and some more (there's always someone we haven't called.) But we keep running into those same walls. We still have the same reasons for not qualifying, and their policies haven't changed. So please, I hate to ask again, I simply can't squeeze any more frugality into our budget. We still need your help. We still need to spread the word. We are so close to getting beyond this. I would dearly love to make sure Mike has a home to come back to.

As always, all our love, thanks and hope,
Mike and Laura Trethewey

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