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4/12 Updates!

So for a few days Mike and I have been chilling back at home in our apartment mostly enjoying time with our kitty of whom has been spending time with the parents. We've also had a chance to take stock of bills, check the mail and really enjoy sleeping in our own bed. But a couple of things have come up.

Firstly, since I am not all-knowing and cannot predict the future, we've been dealing with this medical craziness for about 2 months longer than I had originally hoped. It looks like Mike and I won't be able to go back to work until closer to late May. Granted, the awesomely generous donations got us very far. All of the love, support and continued following of our story is just amazing and I feel like it's not enough for a simple Thank You but it looks like we need a little more help. Bills still need to be paid along with the rent and living up in Seattle for spotty weeks at a time isn't nearly as cheap as I was hoping we could make it. We still have two or so more surgeries coming up with lots of healing time in between and the Oregon government is still not providing any assistance.

If you've been wanting to help, then this would be an awesome time especially to share this story. It's imperative that we get as many people as possible in the know about this situation. Virginia Mason Medical Center is doing a wonderful job with Mike and helping in any way they can. However, they can't pay the rent and we do have to come home to somewhere.

Mike's abdominal surgery happens on the 19th and it's going to be one of the more difficult ones. It's the last surgery for the tumors and the doctors are estimating closer to a couple of weeks for recovery in addition to the monitored recovery for about a week in the hospital. After that we're hoping that they will also help with the hernia which will also take more time.

Otherwise so far Mike is doing pretty well. He's healing quickly from the surgeries and he's excited to be healthy again. We've been keeping a close eye on the job market so we can jump back in as soon as we can.

Again and always Mike and I cannot simply Thank You enough for your compassion and help. It is a blessing beyond measure.

--With love from the Trethewey Family

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