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2/29 Updates!

Pretty much good news, and more good news! Mike's first surgery (and if the biopsy comes back clean, only surgery) is on Wednesday the 7th! We of course will be sure to let all you awesome people how it goes.

Mike and Nova
On a slightly different track, some strange awesomeness has been happening. But before I get into it too far, I must make something very clear. Our fundraising was cut short of the $5,000 goal, because at $4,500 is bare minimum required to make sure Mike would have a roof over his head, reliable transportation, food, and other necessities. Also any medications that may need to be purchased out of pocket, and transportation costs from here to Seattle on what will be a somewhat regular basis. We simply can not Thank You all enough for the help, sanity, peace of mind and having the tools available to save Mike's life. :)
That being said, for some inexplicably generous reason, some of our readers feel that is is still prudent to donate even more. Granted, we could use a little more, but I feel that it is unrealistic to ask for more than the bare minimum. Everyone works very hard for their income, and although Mike and I are in a bizarre situation of need, I feel that it's important to respect that. Especially now that the financial barrier between Mike surviving this has been crossed. We still have lots of old medical bills and other debts to friends and family that we would dearly love to pay off. However Mike and I plan on doing the bulk of that when we can get back to work. This is the expectation that I feel is more than reasonable. It's not fair by any means that this has happened to Mike, however he will survive this, and I am more than satisfied with this. I believe we all can be.

So, we will be putting the PayPal buttons back up, because, frankly it's terrible to look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless you specify it is for Mike and I to go enjoy some sushi for the first time in forever, it will still go towards old medical bills, and related debts.

Thank You all for your hope, compassion, heart-stopping generosity, time, and love.

Mike & Laura Trethewey

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  1. We are eagerly awaiting the results for the biopsy today.