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3/16 Updates!

So the surgery to remove one of the tumors was performed on March 14th and it went perfectly! Dr. Koehler, the surgeon, was very pleased with how well it went. The tumor that was removed has been sent out for biopsy and we should get the results sometime next week.

The surgery was performed with a little camera and a mini staple gun. There are three incisions: One for the camera, one for the staple gun/scalpel device, and one for the chest tube.

The nurses and doctors have been absolutely amazing. I wish I could name them all, but in short, I simply cannot find anything bad to say about the wonderful people that work at Virginia Mason, especially all the folks on floor 16. Their kindness, patience and big hearts are simply indescribable, and it's nice to have Mike in the care of such experts.

We've been up in Seattle about a week longer than planned. Originally the surgery was scheduled for March 7th but Mike had a bit of a cold and a small fever that morning, so we got rescheduled for the 14th. That being said, all is well so far up here. We would also like to thank our readers for their patience with the gap in posts.

Your prayers and well-wishes are being heard all the way up here on floor 16, and the view is great :)

Love, Mike and Laura

P.S.: After the time of this posting, Mike was released from the hospital and authorized to stay in town.
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