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3/28 Updates!

So when this all started back in August we originally went into the emergency room because Mike had some pain in his scrotum. Four or five years ago he was told it was a small hernia. Mike didn't have insurance at the time and decided to put off the hernia surgery until he had the insurance to cover it. Fast forward to now, same niggling pain every time he coughs. The irony of it all? He really did have a hernia the entire time. >.<

That being said, right now Mike is in surgery for the right side lung They're going to remove the smaller lesion at the bottom of the lung and go after some of the lymph nodes over by his windpipe, near his heart. The test results for the first tumor removed came back relatively benign but there was still a fair bit of teratoma. This basically all translates to "It's not really scary stuff at this point but it does need to be removed cause it can become scary stuff." After this, we remove the one in his "tummy" area. More specifically, it is really over by his kidneys.
This is Bill. He will be our skeleton today demonstrating the location of Mike's "trouble spots." Let's all have a round of applause for Bill the Skeleton!

Mike is in surgery while I'm writing this, I will post again soon with results.
As always, we cannot say Thank You enough to all who are following our story, helping out, or being an available ear.

All our love,
M & L Trethewey
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  1. Wish you a speedy recovery, don't have much to give but gave what we could. -Dora & Boots from Meitha