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Fall of 2010

The Husband, Brother, Son, and Grandson

My name is Mike Trethewey.

I am a beloved family member and friend of many.

I have spent most of my life helping others in any way I can. The help is mostly related to my various computer skills including teaching others how to use them and using my online web authoring skills to assist with creating online presences.

I'm generally easy-going and can even be goofy (as seen in the photo) however, when things need to get serious and persistently worked on, I'm usually the guy for the job.

Mike and Laura Winter 2010
My wife, Laura, and I have been plugging away at the phones trying to find assistance for my situation here. We've come up with a whole lot of nothing and only a couple leads.

I ask you to reach out and find resources that you know of and friends who may know of other resources or other friends to talk to. The more we reach, the better the chance of finding a solution.

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You Can't Stop The Signal!

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