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Thank You!

This is the Wall of Awesome!

We wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has helped, will help, and has continued to help.

However, before we get the names, you can do something more to help me out and get more awareness in the world. Check out the "SHARE!" box in the sidebar to the right. Repost to services that you have accounts with, get the word out there.

Donations to the fund
A. K.
Adam B.
Amy S.
Anand E.
Andrew G.
Angela R.
Anne N.
Ashleigh F.
Brian C.
Charles B.
Charles O.
Chris M.
Chris P.
Chris S.
Christine H.
Claudia W.
Colleen N.
Corinne M.
Cynthia H.
Dale R.
Daniel G.
David N.
Desiree B.
Eileen G.
Emmalea B.
Erin M.
Ethan M.
Fey J.
Gail K.
Gary S.
Gavin H.
Georgia M.
Hannah T.
Harold H.
Hendel T.
J. A.
James A.
James S.
Janet S.
Janice G.
Janice L.
Jenifer Z.
Jenn B.
Jennifer L.
Jerry G.
Jim T.
Jodie B.
John W.
Joseph M.
Judy G.
Justin C.
Kathleen H.
Kathleen W.
Kathryn A.
Keith H.
Kent M.
Kjetil J.
Klaus H.
Kris W.
Kristen H.
Kristen K.
Kyla S.
L. Angelina
Laura D.
Lauren P.
Linda B.
Lisa P.
Liz H-S.
Melanie C.
Michael C.
Nichole H.
Phillip H.
Robert N.
Roberta T.
Ryan R.
Sally W.
Sam S.
Sara S.
Sarah S.
Sean R.
Shaleen B.
Sharon G.
Steven C.
Steven R.
Summer M.
Tara A.
Tan E.
Tera B.
Tim K.
Trevor R.
Ty M.
Ursula H.
Victoria W.
Wendy R.
William K.
Yvette R.
Zack S.

Great Helpers From The Start
Pastor Bill, with Wood Village Baptist Church in Troutdale: Welcomed with open hearts and arms, and a patient ear. Also with greatly appreciated emergency assistance with utilities. Thank You for your compassion!

Mary Walsh (Art for Mike!): Started a fund before we even got this off of the ground! She has already raised some money, and her quick action, compassion, and hard work is so very appreciated.

Mary's Friend Jill (Art for Mike!): Also doing work with the Art for Mike fund, and again her support and hard work is such a gift!

SLOWtheIMPACT: For their awesome music and big hearts!

My Sister's Father: Who had wonderful timing with a wedding gift!

A special Thank You needs to go out to our friends and family, especially those who have been with us since diagnosis. Not only have a lot of these people been providing financial assistance on an as-needed basis but the amount of emotional support, love, patience and compassion has been such a blessing. Because of these peoples' actions we were able to get this far. The crazy part is, their continued support will get us all the way. Everyone deserves an individual Thank You, however, we're going to just start from the beginning...

Bryan S.(brother)
Cassie D.(sister)
Claire T.(grandmother)
Daniel T.(brother)
Dorothy T.(mother)
Ed T.(grandfather)
Laurie T.(mother)
Jim T.(father)
Marcia W.(mother)
Neil B.(brother)
Raina T.(sister)
Seeester B.(sister)
Susan S.(mother)

Friends (actually, extended family)
A. K.
Adam B.
Beth H.
Brenlor T.
Bryan S.
Carol H.
Cassie D.
Chris W.
Christina R.
Dave R.
David P.
Deyvyd E.
Fi B.
Freddie M.
Gloria R.
Hannah T.
Ja K.
Jacob S.
Jeff H.
Jenn B.
Jenni C.
Jenny C.
Jeremy N.
Jill P.
Joe M.
Josh H.
Justin C.
Karen M.
Kat R.
Kath C.
Kayla E.
Kristen T.
Leah C.
Leilah R.
Lu'kas P.
Mary W.
Megan S.
Michael G.
Mike C.
Nownow N.
Palla S.
Paul D.
Rich V.
Ryan R.
Scott P.
Sean R.
Shan M.
Stephanie H.
Stefani O.
Steven C.
Stevie A.
The Bloggess
Theresa L.
Thomas B.
Ty M.
Vaidah K.
Val R.
Wendy R.

Cassanova T.
Ender T.
Liara T.
Tuna T.
Zoey T.

Bravo T.
Juno T.

If you're not on here yet, no worries, we did not forget and we do appreciate you so very much!

Mike and Laura Spring of 2011