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8/11 Updates!

It's been 4 years to the day since I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Metastatic Testicular Cancer.

In those four years I've had 4 surgeries, many CT scans, many xrays, many blood draws, many pokes with needles for 2.5 months of chemotherapy. I've gotten married, got a second (new to me, old to Laura) cat, I'm in my third job, and we've moved to a house. My oncologist has given me a clean bill of health and would like to continue periodic checkups to monitor my current state.

I went and did my Oregon Department of Transportation physical exam to prove that I'm able-bodied enough to perform the duties of a commercial vehicle driver. I've been given the standard two years of certification instead of the one year of certification that I received last year due to not having sufficient evidence of my great condition. I've sent off the paperwork to renew my certificate that states I'm able-bodied enough to perform the duties of a school bus driver.

Preparation for the school year starts on 8/31 and school starts on 9/8. Here's to my 3rd full school year as a school bus driver and to my 32nd year of life!

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