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07/25/2017 Updates!

It's been almost 6 years since I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Metastatic Testicular Cancer.

In the last two, I've been focusing on work and getting settled in a new house with my wife and mother-in-law. I had some blood work done during the week of 6/25. Results were unremarkable. I had a CT Scan done during the week of 7/9. Results were unremarkable. I had my renewal of my Department of Transportation Physical Exam during the week of 7/16. Results were unremarkable.

So! I'm unremarkable. This is a good thing as nothing strange stood out on any of the results. My oncologist is very happy with my progress and we'll be moving to a non-annual plan for observation testing.

I'm preparing to renew my drivers' license which is going to be a larger expense, but we'll make it work.

We'll be taking a short getaway to the Oregon coastline for a few days in August. Shortly thereafter I have a class for policy refreshing for work at the bus yard.

It looks like the pre-season meetings start on 8/28 and the first day of instruction will be 9/5. True to form, my birthday will be within the first two weeks of school. Oh boy!

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