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01/2020 Updates!

I'm not feeling very eloquent at the moment. I had a CT Scan done for followup to my testicular cancer. That checked out fine in regards to what they were looking for. There was a spot in my neck that they wanted to investigate further. Went in for an ultrasound. There was more definition of what they saw earlier on the CT Scan and some objects met minimum size requirements for biopsy. Went in for the biopsy. Got called back a couple days later informing me that surgery would be needed to remove what they found.
Turns out that I have thyroid cancer in the left portion of my thyroid gland. They say it's unrelated to the testicular cancer. The initial surgical team said that if the nearby lymph nodes look suspicious that they'd take those out too. If anything has spread to the other portions of the thyroid gland, they'd just take out the whole thing while they're in there.

If I was going to get cancer, at least these are the ones to get as they have a rather high success rate. These and melanoma.

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