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03/2020 Updates!

Remarkable notes from surgery report:
Papillary carcinoma
Thyroid removal
Two focal points
Left lobe, inferior
1.7cm & 0.5mm
Beningn colloid nodules
Marginal areas negative for invasive carcinoma

Lymph nodes:
6 involved, 9 examined
Node 1:
Malignant carcinoma
Inferior, pretracheal
Node 2:
Malignant carcinoma
Left inferior, paratracheal
Nodes 3:
Malignant carcinoma (2/4 nodes)
Largest at 1.5cm
I'm on thyroid replacement pills for life. I'm on calcium supplements until that gets back in order.

I'm returning to work on 3/16 just in time for Spring Break to start the following week.

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